S7 - Return to Barrier Peaks

EZ 215-C has long been a mystery to us. It was first discovered 140 years ago when the Imperial Collector Ship (“ICS”) Argos crash landed there while doing a survey for “interesting life forms.” Our efforts to rescue the crew proved futile — whatever mysterious forces that brought down the Argos threatened to take down any other ship that entered within its gravity well. Since that time, the whole solar system has been off limits except for a few long-range survey teams.

Surveying from afar show the planet to absolutely teaming with life – more so than can be explained by the eco-structure of the planet, its moons, and star-type. There is an extra-ordinary number of intelligent species. On most planets, we see no more than 2 developed intelligent species with potentially a handful of other races that might, with the proper re-engineering, could advance to an intelligent race. By last count, we are up to over 100 races! Our only other intelligence is from a few scattered transmissions from the ICS Argos about some of the native races appear to have some sort of mystic powers, but the overall technology level is generally Type 1.

Professor Ixis has developed a shielding mechanism that will protect a small ship that enters into EZ 215-C’s gravity well. He has reversed the polarity on the midi-chlorians, passes back through the dilithium crystals, and injects them into the Tachyon Array. He has secured a number of volunteers and funding from the Imperial Science and Research Department. There is high hopes that we can study this planet closer and see what has lead to its unusual bio-diversity.

Basic Plot

  • Something happens – the crew is unsure if the same anomaly cause the issue or not. But the ship is damaged. They did manage to bring the ship down near the original ICS Argos site.
  • They must assess the damage and conclude their only hope is salvage parts from the Argos. Hopefully, key components remain intact. They need a Illudium Pu-36 Modulator (from Bugs Bunny)
  • They have some encounters with the natives. Overall, key in mind this is a research ship. They will have weapons, but not military grade armor. So they are vulnerable to the locals.
  • They may encounter a tribe that will view them as return of the gods. The weapons and other strange magic prove to the tribe they are gods returning to their lost temple (the original crashed ship)
  • Technology may be unreliable – requiring constant repair rolls to keep everything working.
  • Run the ship itself in scenes. Its a huge place and this is not meant to be a dungeon crawl. Pick a couple of interesting places in the ship, think about the passage of time, and run the scenes.
  • But the big question is…will it work? This might be an interesting way to start a campaign – they are stuck in Greyhawk. Perhaps they figure out if they accumulate a ton (literally) of platinum, then can fix the systems they need to get offworld. That would take them a looong time to do (ie, a campaign).
  • vegiepygmies are now undead (think from Mummy 2 or Jerrend from BoVD)
  • Froghemeth Wraith
  • Some combo of Mindflayer and Intellect Devourer, maybe undead. Adventurers under control of the MF.
  • They find magic items … rings, wand, scroll (universal translator?)
  • Magic shows up as a form of radiation … gamma rays?
  • Three scenes:

S7 - Return to Barrier Peaks

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