Remote Session Tools


Below are the key tools for the remote sessions:

Remote Tabletop Software

  • Maptools – There are some tutorials, but for players it pretty much drag your token around
  • Link to launch the software
  • When you get in the software, under File select “Connect to Server”
  • Campaign Name: Olde Skoole
  • Password: tpk


  • Link to Ventrillo software — download a client for your system
  • Upper left hand side are three items – username, server, and bindings
    • Username – Whatever you want
    • Server: Click the → button, give it a name, then fill out the information
      • Hostname:
      • Port: 5025
      • Password: noxvent
    • Bindings – I’ve never done anything with that – so leave alone
  • Save and hit Connect button on the right
  • Double-click on the Savage channel. The other channels are for the WOW gamers (Thanks for Robb Muller and his guild for letting us use their vent)
  • Hit the Setup button – you can change the push to talk button if you want. At that point, just hold down the button when you want to speak!

Something that might help the voice end:

Party Caller

Going forward, we are going to use a group caller (GC) in the Maptools session. The role of the GC is to get everyone’s input during the exploration phases of the session. An exploration phase is generally defined as out of combat, although a true roleplaying scene could occur as well. The GC does not dictate what PCs do, they just get everyone’s input and presenting the party’s action in a concise, coherent manner. I will in turn address the results of the actions.

This should help reduce people talking over each other in Vent (I recommend the GC go down the list of players in turn to get their ideas and suggestions). It likely will also results in some standard operating procedures over time (eq. opening doors – although Lunk has a nice method)

Also, if you need to say something important and others are talking in Vent, put an ! in Maptools chat (or more, if really important). That will get the attention of the GC and myself.

Roleplaying during the Maptools Session

For actual roleplaying scenes, I am tempted to do that via Maptools chat. I know it is a bit slower, but I think it will be more immersive (like McColl in the gelatinous cube).

Remote Session Tools

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