Name: Ricben
Race: Gnome
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d12, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Spellcasting (Arcane) d12, Taunt d12+2, Streetwise d8, Fighting d6, Notice d10
Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness: 5, Charisma: 0
Gear: Unarmed Strike d6 (Str), Rapier d6 (Str+d4), Leather Jacket (1), Bracers (0, Parry+1), Backpack, Blanket, Clothing (Normal), Lantern, Potion of Healing, Rabbits Foot, Ugly Hat
Special Abilities:
•Curious: Must check out everything and solve all mysteries
•Quirk (Short Man Syndrome): Minor humorous foible
•Vengeful: Seeks to right all wrongs against him
•Arcane Magic: Gain the Magic arcane background
•Luck: +1 Bennie each game session
•Brilliant: Start with d6 Smarts
•Low Light: Ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting
•Small: Half-folk average only about 4’ tall. Their small size subtracts 1 from their Toughness.
Arcane Powers:
• Blast: Targets in Medium Blast Template take 2d6 damage; Double points adds +d6 damage OR Large Burst – Fireball
•Bolt: Single target takes 2d6 damage; Up to 3 bolts at separate cost; Double cost does 3d6 per bolt – Bolts of Fire
•Deflection: Attacks are at -2 (or -4 with raise); Serves as Armor against area effect weapons – Fireshield – 1d6 fire damage to melee attacker
•Detect/Conceal Arcana: Sense supernatural persons, objects, or effects within sight; Conceal a single supernatural target – Blue flame licks around magic
•Entangle: Restrained target suffers -2 Pace and skills linked to Agi and Str; Break free with Str or Agi; Single target costs 2 points, Medium Burst Template costs 4 – Chains of Vengeance!
•Shape Change: Transform into a mundane animal shape – Phoenix, Fire Elemental, Etc

  • Ugly Hat is the +2 to Taunt
  • Rabbits Foot is the Luck Edge

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