Like his boon companion Mordenkainen, Robilar emerged from the Wild Coast about forty years ago in search of adventure. Early successes in the Cairn Hills and the Gnarley Forest brought him to the attention of the public, and tales of his exploits circulated widely in the taprooms of the City of Greyhawk. With his allies in the Citadel of Eight, Robilar conquered the dungeons of Castle Roakire and the mirrored halls of the Forever Cairn, meeting each new challenge with a fearless abandon and a lust for fresh adventuring thrills.

Despite his numerous triumphs throughout the Flanaess, Robilar is best known for his adventures in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, some undertaken solo but most involving a cast of characters including his ore henchman Quij and the portly wizard Otto. Robilar loved Castle Greyhawk, marveling at each deadly new chamber with the enthusiasm of a child. Laden with loot from Zagig’s treasuries and comfortable only around other adventurers, Robilar sought an urban sanctuary for himself in the form of the Green Dragon Inn, a two-story tavern and hostelry on Cargo Street in the River District, Greyhawk’s most boisterous neighborhood. Named for his trio of green dragon servitors, the inn served as a way to gather leads on new adventures and intrigue in the city.

Ennobled for his role in solving a series of grisly killings known as the River of Blood murders, Robilar kept looking for bigger and better ways to test his limits and ensure his legend (in the minds of barwenches and copper-bards, at least). His old friend Mordenkainen arrived with a secret tip to an adventure to end all adventures—the release and destruction of Iuz the Evil. After the gambit failed, word of Lord Robilar’s role in the demongod’s release spread quickly. Local magistrates sacked his castle west of Greyhawk, scattering his dragons and exiling him from the city. Thirteen years ago Robilar reemerged from obscurity to betray the Circle of Eight and disrupt the Day of Great Signing. Any good will Robilar retained with the common folk of Greyhawk instantly fled, and Robilar departed to the Bright Desert to serve Rary and his quixotic empire of the sands.


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