These are the Rules of the Game

Starting Character Information.

All PCs start at 50xp, no exceptions. Wealth is $4,500. If you are bored with your PC – new guy comes in at 50XP, $4,500. Please updated the Obsidan Portal section with your PC and have a Maptools Token set up.


The group still needs to decide. Until such time a final decision has been made, True Old Skoole (Dead is Dead) is in effect.


XP is given based on the number of sessions (live or Maptools) a Player/PC participates. Three session earns an advance (with a potential kicker for Boss fights/major plot advances). You only earn loot and XP for sesions you attend (well, loot can ALWAYS be negotiated between players/PCs). Loot and XP are give upon the posting of the Log

Identifying Magic

You have two choices:

  • Try it yourself – put on the ring, don the armor, etc. After 10 minutes, you will identify the object. Of course, you put yourself at risk of it being a cursed item (which may or may not manifest itself immediately).
  • Pay 50 gold orbs to have someone Identify it. Consumable items (potions, scrolls) are 5 gold orbs.

House Rules

  • Fantasy Companion is available for use in the game
  • The Wildcard must take the rules of a natural 1,1 but gets a Bennie for the occurrence. The except is when rolling for Incapacitation Table since that results in the PC’s death (the Bennie is of little use). The player can wave this exception and carry the Bennie over to the new character (a Green Bennie).


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