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On the Way to Greyhawk
Orcs 5 - Tanner 1

Zagigs bridge

PCs: Tanner
Extras: 5

Fate was cruel today, once again proving that Istus is a harsh mistress. After exploring some of the caves in the Cairn Hills, I decided to head to Greyhawk to regroup. I’d had enough looking through empty crypts and tombs, and needed a new plan.

I thought the trip would be fairly straightforward. The last I had heard, the River Road to the free city was open and safe. However, when we got to Zagig’s Bridge we ran into a group of orcs that had attacked the small village that had grown up around the bridge. There were several dead bodies in the street, and some overturned wagons. We took up positions to hit the orcs from range, while Jase and I attempted to move through a row of houses to get behind them. Unfortunately, all the shots only served to alert the orcs that we were in the area. I thought Jase and I were in good shape with our part of the battle, but suddenly the leader orc appeared above the houses on a wyvern. He blasted us with a magical spell, taking out one of my men.