Green Dragon Staff


Bethel (barmaid): Competent and dedicated to her simple duties, Bethel (NG female human commoner l) is the newest of Rirard’s staff, and hence is saddled with the earliest, least lucrative shifts and is responsible for cleaning the place in the morning. She wanted to be an adventurer when she was a little girl, and working at the Green Dragon Inn is probably as close as she will ever come.

Birgit (barmaid): Chatty and exuberant to a fault, the pale-skinned, round-faced Birgit (NG female human commoner 2) thinks of herself as a friend of regular patrons, making a point to remember their names and favorite orders.

Dendra (bartender, day): A thin, sarcastic woman with gray hair tied back by a multicolored cord, Dendra (NG female human expert d6) doesn’t care for small talk with customers. She is frazzled by the influx of pilgrims and festival-goers that keep the Green Dragon busy even during the afternoon, and she talks openly about leaving for another job that “might turn out.”

Evessa Gale (barmaid): A quick tongue and a good eye for trouble have kept the red-haired half-elf Evessa Gale (N female half-elf commoner 4) in business at the Green Dragon Inn since its first day of operation. Ricard considers her among his best of friends, paying her a scandalously high salary for her services (with the approval of Robilar, who adores her playful humor). The quarreling clientele of the Green Dragon seldom agrees on anything, but nearly all of the patrons consider Evessa Gale a friend.

Gulthen (bartender, evening): A friendly, bald man with muscular forearms, Gulthen (male human expert d4) serves his customers with an open ear and generous pours for good rippers. Once he has developed a bond with someone, he sees it as his duty to point out attractive members of the opposite sex and “tough customers” who shouldn’t be trifled with.

Lindara (barmaid): Damaris plucked Lindara (N female human expert 3) from the Sea Willow, a brothel two blocks away on the notorious Strip. The intelligent, beautiful woman vastly prefers her new job to the old, not least because she is free to slap customers who offend her. Lindara respects those who respect her.

Mevissin (cook): Mevissin (N female human commoner 5) has worked for Damaris almost a decade, sticking with him through good times and bad. Her cooking brings no honor to the establishment, but Ricard sees her as an older sister and will not lift a finger against her.

Tolenn Tolan (cook): This dark-skinned cook speaks with a thick accent from the fallen Duchy of Tenh, several hundred miles to the northeast. He fled to the Free City in the dying days of the Grey hawk Wars and brought a previously missing culinary flair to the Dragon when he joined as night cook two years ago. Fiercely proud, Tolan (N male human expert 4) brooks no complaints about his cooking and frequently emerges from the kitchen to berate disrespectful customers.

Green Dragon Staff

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