Olde Skoole

On the Way to Greyhawk
Orcs 5 - Tanner 1

Zagigs bridge

PCs: Tanner
Extras: 5

Fate was cruel today, once again proving that Istus is a harsh mistress. After exploring some of the caves in the Cairn Hills, I decided to head to Greyhawk to regroup. I’d had enough looking through empty crypts and tombs, and needed a new plan.

I thought the trip would be fairly straightforward. The last I had heard, the River Road to the free city was open and safe. However, when we got to Zagig’s Bridge we ran into a group of orcs that had attacked the small village that had grown up around the bridge. There were several dead bodies in the street, and some overturned wagons. We took up positions to hit the orcs from range, while Jase and I attempted to move through a row of houses to get behind them. Unfortunately, all the shots only served to alert the orcs that we were in the area. I thought Jase and I were in good shape with our part of the battle, but suddenly the leader orc appeared above the houses on a wyvern. He blasted us with a magical spell, taking out one of my men.

The Olde Skool Crew

Olde skool crew

A First Time for Everything
New partners, New adventures

PCs: Liam MacMichael, Lunk, MacColl, Ricben, Tanner
Extras: 0

MacColl stood there in the crypt after the last abomination had been smashed into inert shards of bone. He felt the vibrancy that came from danger and melee and also the drain of using so much magic so quickly. He was still strong to be sure, but it had been a few months.

It had all started when Tanner led them out of the city on a wild goose chase for someone’s lost sword. That had produced two weeks of trekking over barren moors and roadway villages. Their pockets had gotten conspicuously lighter over that time so when the entrance to a forgotten tomb was discovered, they were all pleased. (The dead had no need of jewels or wealth so MacColl had no qualms about putting that wealth into his pockets.)

RP: The Chess Master
A bold challenger

Chess 3 level

PCs: MacColl, Vec

This night, our rowdy band finds itself near the stairs that leads up to your lodgings. As the group gathers round, you notice a rather hard-edged man at the Dragon Table. It is called such since there usually is a match of Dragon Chess in progress. You overhear the man chastise a young elf. “Idiot! If your people would stop hugging trees perhaps they could put their brains to actual use. What’s the point of long-life if you are just as dumb as the Oak you fell out of?” You see the man move his Thief into a position to checkmate the elf’s King. By the looks of the board, it was a quick game. The elf, ashed faced, stands up and leaves without a word.

A Triumphant Entry
Ups and Downs at the Tower of War (excerpted from Vec's journal)

PCs: Liam MacMichael, Lunk, MacColl, Ricben, Tanner, Vec

Extras: 0

While not a stranger to bizarre notions, Vec prided himself on his memory and could generally remember the circumstances under which an idea took hold. However, the current notion plaguing his thoughts, that he was incapable of learning from his experiences until they had been recorded in a journal, felt imposed on him by some outside agent. While some might have taken this for an indication of divine meddling in the affairs of mortals, Vec suspected the usual cuplrits: falling under the influence of a mind control cap, being drugged with an elixir of amnesia, or temporarily playing host to a hitchhiking psychic parasite. Having reduced the notion to one that fit with his world view, Vec visibly relaxed and returned to work on his journal.

How the Grinch Stole Festivus
Pocket Dimensions is Crazy Places

Grinch w festivus

PCs: MacColl, Tanner, Vec

Extras: 2

MacColl sat down and laid the torch on the stone next to him. They’d been exploring the mazelike passages of the Tower of War for hours and had come across nothing but already looted rooms and the decayed bodies of their former guardians. The dwarves didn’t sit outside the dungeon for their health and had obviously enabled other adventurers in before them.

Cleaning up the Kitchen and Mess Hall

PCs: MacColl, Tanner, Vec

Extras: 3 stalwart allies: LeeLee, Lorsan, and Dominic.

The pit at the entrance is still there and the dwarves are ready for a fumbling show. We ask for their aid and they explain that there are planks available. Vec constructs a bridge. He uses a mechanical gizmo on his arm to force open the heavy doors.

Nerull's Temple
Them's big goblins!

PCs: MacColl, Lunk, Tanner, Vec
Extras: One (Lorsan)

Once More Into the... Pit

PCs: MacColl, Lunk, Tanner, Vec, Zamfir the Paladin
Extras: None

After spending some cloyingly sweet time resting in Whoville where we avoided a variety of questions such as “why is there a dead body in your house?”, “Can we have some of your gold when you go away again?”, and “Why, dear gods why am I sentenced to this hellish prison?”, Lunk fairly beat Frank in ‘rassling’, permitting us to leave Whoville and return to the cells we’d found early in our delve. MacColl was rested from his arcane exertions and eager though apparently hung-over from something he’d been nipping out of Frank’s liquor cabinet considering his performance going forward.

Scouting Ahead

PC’s: Tanner and Vec
Extra’s: Bob and Tom

With the rest of their party laid low by a mysterious malady (possibly linked to the consumption of local water and complicated by goblin hygienic practices), Tanner and Vec choose to scout ahead.

Before leaving, they searched the body of the recently assassinated orc. A quick search of the orc’s belongings revealed a set of elaborate armor, as well as a normal mace and a set of prison cell keys. Removal of the orc’s armor was complicated by the disturbing manner in which his chestplate had extended tendrils of itself deep into his body. “This could only be the Black Armor of Molag, forged in the lands of Iuz” opined Tanner with conviction. “Ah, yes,” agreed Vec, nodding sagely to hide the fact that he had no idea what Tanner was talking about. After briefly debating whether to fit the sleeping Lunk with this new armor, Tanner and Vec decided instead to pack up the evil chestplate for later analysis.