Olde Skoole

Scouting Ahead

PC’s: Tanner and Vec
Extra’s: Bob and Tom

With the rest of their party laid low by a mysterious malady (possibly linked to the consumption of local water and complicated by goblin hygienic practices), Tanner and Vec choose to scout ahead.

Before leaving, they searched the body of the recently assassinated orc. A quick search of the orc’s belongings revealed a set of elaborate armor, as well as a normal mace and a set of prison cell keys. Removal of the orc’s armor was complicated by the disturbing manner in which his chestplate had extended tendrils of itself deep into his body. “This could only be the Black Armor of Molag, forged in the lands of Iuz” opined Tanner with conviction. “Ah, yes,” agreed Vec, nodding sagely to hide the fact that he had no idea what Tanner was talking about. After briefly debating whether to fit the sleeping Lunk with this new armor, Tanner and Vec decided instead to pack up the evil chestplate for later analysis.

The orc had indeed provided an accurate description of the rooms to the north. The adjoining storeroom contained barrels filled with high quality trade goods, obviously choice pickings from the recent raids: bales of silk cloth, bottles of brandy, and a few pearl necklaces were noted.

Sw old skoole 2 8 12 storeroom and cells

North of the storeroom ran a dead-end corridor with two adjoining prison cells, one of them vacant (possibly the recent residence of the unpredictable woman Veronica). On the befouled floor of the occupied northernmost cell sat a disheveled young man with a vacant stare. Although the man’s clothing had otherwise worn away to rags, his finely crafted robe still appeared in excellent condition. The arcane symbols embroidered on it shimmered and occasionally glowed. Over him stood a skeleton holding a bucket of crude slop.

After giving brief consideration to immolating the entire area, Tanner and Vec chose instead to first send in their accompanying mercenaries to soften up the servitor skeleton. The brave (if somewhat silent) mercenaries, Bob and Tom, perhaps fearing the plight that had befallen Lorsan, leapt forth and reduced the skeleton to brittle fragments, continuing to smash bones for much longer than was absolutely necessary.

A closer inspection of the imprisoned man revealed a tattoo of Boccob on his arm. The man himself appeared to be in a state of shock; he would absentmindedly eat if given food but appeared unresponsive to questioning. Vec’s training in the healing arts, both traditional and scientifick, was insufficient to treat this condition. The other former prisoner Veronica said that the orc had regarded him as “dangerous, but potentially useful” and said she knew nothing else about him. Tanner and Vec decided that they would likely turn him over to clerics of Boccob back in Greyhawk for treatment.

In the west wall of the northernmost corridor a secret door was located. Opening it, Tanner and Vec found a dusty corridor, apparently unused for many years. They closed it and left if for future exploration, placing a single hair across the opening to monitor its use.

Emboldened by the ease of their recent exploration, Tanner and Vec decided to explore the southern exit from the temple of Nerull the party had been in earlier. A collapse blocked most of the hallway beyond. A narrow side corridor lead away from the collapse to a small chamber, dominated by a golden statue of a beautiful woman. Although not of a readily identifiable figure, the statue was finely sculpted in a style popular thirty years earlier.

Sw old skoole 2 8 12 annex with statue

(The next two paragraphs are obscured by spilled ink)

“Well, Tanner, that’s impressive. You’ll have to show the others when we return,” offered Vec, continuing to wrap broad swaths of bandage around Tanner’s abdomen. Satisfied that Tanner’s viscera were again contained, they headed back to their camp with a plan to gather up their compatriots, the freed prisoners, and their newly acquired goods and return to Greyhawk.

Unresolved issues:
1) The skeleton warriors in the tower entryway were nearly regenerated when Vec and Tanner left and will likely need to be fought again.
2) Where is the lift that can be used to reach the arena?
3) Where does the newly discovered corridor behind the secret door lead.
4) What should be done with the Black Armor of Molag (give to Lunk, sell, decurse if possible, sell to someone who will destroy, or destroy)?
5) Who is the shellshocked follower of Boccob?
6) Some glinting armor had been spotted near the tentacle beast in the Temple of Nerull; leave it or retrieve it?



This large storeroom has shelves lining most of the walls and holds some of the finer goods captured by Atolamyr’s forces. Items stored here include

  • 20 yards of fine Baklunish silk (200 gp)
  • 40 yards of linen (160 gp)
  • 10 pounds of salt (50 gp)
  • 8 bottles of brandy from Bissel (10 gp each)
  • a barrel of ale from Ahlissa (40 gp),
  • 2 barrels of common ale (25 gp each)
  • a small chest containing
    • 4 pearls (100 gp each)
    • 2 rubies (50 gp each),
    • 70 gp in assorted coins.

Total Value: 1150 gold orbs

A reward has been offered for the recovery of many of these items. Returning these items to their rightful owners, the PCs earn a reward equal to half the value of the items returned.

  • 70 gold
  • Goods (assume you take the reward), 540 gold value
  • Total value is 213 gold orbs per share (reflecting Extras, Dwarven Tax– there are 2.5 shares, extras take theirs in cash unless you say otherwise).
Scouting Ahead
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