Olde Skoole

Once More Into the... Pit

PCs: MacColl, Lunk, Tanner, Vec, Zamfir the Paladin
Extras: None

After spending some cloyingly sweet time resting in Whoville where we avoided a variety of questions such as “why is there a dead body in your house?”, “Can we have some of your gold when you go away again?”, and “Why, dear gods why am I sentenced to this hellish prison?”, Lunk fairly beat Frank in ‘rassling’, permitting us to leave Whoville and return to the cells we’d found early in our delve. MacColl was rested from his arcane exertions and eager though apparently hung-over from something he’d been nipping out of Frank’s liquor cabinet considering his performance going forward.

We encountered a befuddled paladin named Zamfir Deusfuste (?) who last remembered drinking with a beautiful woman before he found himself watching a blue light and we appearing out of thin air. We blame it on the shifting and drifting teleport traps that Greyhawk is infested with after the showy deaths of 101 wizards of the Teleportation Guild hundreds of years ago. Zamfir agreed to throw his lot in with us after we explained… well, let’s just say he took it on good faith.

Retracing our steps, MacColl was quite confident, striding forth into areas which had been cleared of monsters only to walk in on four ogres discussing how to redecorate the mess hall. Apparently their plans for using great quantities of muslin were trade secrets for they became quite angry. MacColl splashed ineffective bolts of light against their armor and for his trouble they hurled a table at his head and swung their axes dramatically close to him. Surviving without a scratch, he hurried backwards to allow Lunk and this Paladin to show their stuff.

Lunk was truly a sight to behold, mowing down all four of the giant ogres in succession as Vec, Tanner, and the Paladin harried their heels. MacColl attempted to trick one with a magical feint attack from a distance but the ogre was not fooled. 450gp were discovered among their possessions proving them to be important members of whatever army we seem to be encountering.

Pushing forward more, the Paladin takes the lead until he runs into darkness, not having waited for his torch-bearer (MacColl). We explored and returned to the room with the desk. The two suits of armor animated (by what ancient enchantment it was hard to say but if this new army squatting in the Tower of War was the cause of their creation, we’ve got bigger things to worry about). MacColl attempted to Dispel the enchantments on the armor and failed. Between the others, the suits were smashed until their enchantments failed. Zamfir stomped out the fire (apparently he does not like light) but discovered a small golden statue beyond it (8" tall, value TBD).

Tanner searched the desk and found papers discussing predatory raids to stockpile supplies for a major operation. It also tallied an army of 34 orcs, 43 goblins, and 6 ogres. It is unclear how many of them we’ve killed so far but those numbers might be down to: 30 orcs, 35 goblins, and no ogres. Another note mentioned reinforcements which were not tallied. “The General” was referenced, setting an ominously ambiguous tone.

MacColl wondered if his role this day was as Mighty Explorer and he tried to listen at the solitary unexplored door in the desk room. Having failed mightily (again) he concluded that one must yank open the door to listen properly, but the lock on the door befuddled him until Tanner took care of it.

The door revealed stairs and we followed them up to a large bedroom, Lunk having announced our arrival with his trademark door-opening stomp. The room had a large bed, a fireplace, chairs, a large rug, several orcs, and a large half-orc in black armor. The half-orc tried to call upon his dark faith and failed (or it was we that he actually summoned which raises a thicket of philosophical and theological questions…). Our Paladin charged in and fell down into a spiked pit that the rug was covering. “ow….”

MacColl hurried into the room, having head rumors of an enemy spellcaster. He used his Light Tricks to stun one of the orcs but another came at him, preventing him from focusing his attention on their priest.

The priest had retreated beyond a doorway from which he was peeking. Lunk was again our greatest party member mowing down the orcs until we were left with the “woman” on the bed. Vec cranked up his hat and reached out to the priest, overwhelming the half-orc’s pea-sized^ brain, at least for a few moments…

^ “Pea-Sized” Reference: Lunk


Secure the Priest before Vec’s control wanes.
Move quickly to determine if the woman has evil intent or is truely just a victim.

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Olde skoole 25 jan session

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  • I love the “voice” that is developing in this post. Very Dave Barry-ish. A nice tone for the game.
  • You did capture the priest – Vec’s Mind Control Thing-a-ma-gig worked. So we end with him in your power (for as long as the gizmo has PPs)
  • There was not a specific name in the Journal, just references to The General.
Once More Into the... Pit

Thanks. It was fun as soon as I gave up the pretense of being effective last night. :)

I’ve adjusted the log for your changes.

Once More Into the... Pit

Thanks for getting a log posted so quickly. The tone certainly seems to match our tactics and luck with dice rolls. My notes had the troop tally including “6 giants,” not “ogres,” which may or may not be synonymous. I think this session could also have been titled “Once more unto the … pit.”

Once More Into the... Pit

Nice write-up Big.

Once More Into the... Pit
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