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Nerull's Temple

Them's big goblins!

PCs: MacColl, Lunk, Tanner, Vec
Extras: One (Lorsan)

We stored the stolen caravan loot and our other treasures in Whoville. MacColl bravely wrestled Frank to get back to the dungeon. We interrogated the prison we had after the last session, learning a little due to Tanner’s expert persuasion. MacColl glowered in the background but wasn’t helping.

We proceed with Tanner checking for any vicious traps primed to slay the unwary and Lunk breaking doors in to get surprise on any defenders. We passed through corridors and went down stairs. Tanner was showing his finest skills by making quick work of any locks.

We found a stream of water running down a hallway and followed its course leading us to the Terrible Temple of Nerull!!

“The wooden doors open to reveal a shattered temple. A great crevasse runs from one end of the room lo the other, and although the ledge on one side is intact, the other is in complete ruin, creating a field of debris. In the crevasse, a great red iron statue rests, with its arms outstretched, as if holding back the walls. Its head is missing. On the far side of the room, the crack goes right through the altar, whose symbol is defaced and unrecognizable.”

Lunk is unaware of the danger in the room and walks in casually, falling into the crevasse. MacColl charges in to help him out and nearly gets crushed by a hurled boulder from the far end of the darkened temple. He skitters back to cover barely escaping the second stone.

“The floor of this shattered temple is divided by a great crevasse that runs from the entrance to the opposite end of the room. This rift is draped with netting, which seems to cover a rusty iron statue of considerable size, stqnding within the gap, its arms outstretched. Standing on a dais next to an altar that has been sundered by the rift is a hulking giant clad in hide, who roars out a challenge.”

MacColl lets out gleaming bolts of light at the giants doing little. Vec stepped out and there was a resounding click and whirr as he activated his propeller beanie. It spun and then pointed at the furthest giant. “Stop, don’t you recognize your true master?” With that, the giant ceased to be belligerent to us, entranced as it was by Vec’s weird device.

Brave Sir Lorsan ran ahead and fell prone against stairs leading up to the balcony on which one still-mean giant and two goblins with poisonous arrows were standing. The goblins shoot at Lunk, hitting him as soon as he climbed out of the crevasse and weakening him with the poison.

QUOTE: “How do we do dice rolls that explode here again?” – Big Dog

MacColl slays two goblin archers from the far balcony as Lorsan charges forth. Lorsan wounds the giant and then tries an acrobatic feat of swinging around a pillar away from the enemies. He stumbles and is cut down by the giant.

Vec commands the friendly hill giant to attack his brother, obviously an elf in disguise. Shockingly, the giant buys it and begins to hammer the other giant with his club. Lunk charges forth and stabs the mean-giant most profoundly.

Unfortunately, the last goblins drank potions of invisibility and ran away.

Vec asks the friendly giant to look at the ceiling for attacking elves, allowing Lunk to nail him with a clean home-run swing of his great axe.

QUOTE: “Is Lorsan breathing?” – Tanner
Poor vigor roll. “Nope.” – GM
“Oh brave, Sir Lorsan! We knew you well!… NEXT!” – MacColl

We loot the temple finding gold and a magical shield. We try to examine the statue in the crevasse which is covered by a heavy net and discover some terrible monster with thick tentacles just waiting to snatch us for dinner. We leave that for later and press on.

We leave Lorsan hidden in a corner until we can secure the area. Pushing on we encounter more goblins and Lunk makes quick work of them. We find: “A fine wooden table rests in the center of this room, reflecting the flickering light from the fireplace right behind it. Two old suits of armor stand in the corners of this well-appointed chamber.”

Room secure, we take our new loot and Lorsan into Whoville.



  • Magical Shield Content Not Found: interceptor: Value 8025 gold orbs
  • Gold: 1,550
  • Post Tax Value: 8378
  • Shares: 4.25 (1 extras at .25 shares)
  • Loot per Share: 1971, extra take theirs in gold (493)

Total due extras: 1348.
(hmmm, looks like that pile of gold might fit nicely into all the Extra’s pockets….)

Nerull's Temple

Good summary of the evening’s encounter. It was nice to see the flavor text descriptions preserved. Thanks for facing up the GM’s threats against us and getting that posted!

One question from this encounter: Was there any marking or distinctive gear worn by the two goblin archers who used potions of invisibility to flee that was not present on the other two archers that MacColl slew? I’m assuming that the bodies were searched and no potion bottles were found (were there any unused doses of poison?). I was just hoping we might be able to use that information to identify any elite geared/trained individuals in future encounters with this group.

Nerull's Temple

Still no markings. It looks as if the goblins had one dose of the poison, which I believe was used (I think all four fired).

Nerull's Temple
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