Olde Skoole

If at First You Don't Succeed

PC’s: Lunk, Tanner, and Vec
Extra’s: identified themselves only as Lorsan A, B, and C

A lot of folks will try and tell you different, but Vec clearly remembers his granpappy telling him “If at first you don’t succeed, then get someone else to do it for you. Especially if it’s anything remotely dangerous. Or tedious. Heck, just get someone else to do it for you the first time, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.” Along this line of thought, Tanner and Vec were relieved when Lunk joined up with them for their next foray into the Tower of War. Covering up for their prior rout, Tanner and Vec insisted that this trip would be easy now that the difficult task of reconnaissance had been completed.

Recent recruiting efforts by the caravan raiders must not have gone well. Our group of heroes fought only the re-animated corpses of orcs and ogres already known to them en route to the ruined Temple of Nerull.

As Tanner and Vec began describing the tentacled aberration and its tactical strengths and weaknesses, the redolent half-orc excused himself from their lecture and strode forth to attack the abomination. Balancing over a pit on rope netting while swinging his axe (in disregard of all known workplace safety standards), Lunk severed a tentacle with his first swing and prepared to make quick work of the rest of the creature. Rushing to assist in some way before Lunk finished the fight, Tanner took a tactical vantage point and Vec released mechanical spiders.

With the aberration dead, the group inspected the crevasse, finding a well-crafted throwing dagger and the head of the decapitated statue. While Vec’s granpappy had a few things to say about the wisdom of reassembling giant magical statues found in the defiled undergound temples of evil gods, Lunk’s granpappy must have had very different advice, for Lunk placed the masonry head back onto the headless statue without a moment’s hesitation. Reassembling the statue triggered a booming voice: “Deal my vengence and reap my rewards!” The group assumed that this recording alluded to avenging the desecration of this temple, but could find no evidence establishing the identity of the desecrators.


Again, nicely told.

If at First You Don't Succeed
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