Olde Skoole

Cleaning up the Kitchen and Mess Hall

PCs: MacColl, Tanner, Vec

Extras: 3 stalwart allies: LeeLee, Lorsan, and Dominic.

The pit at the entrance is still there and the dwarves are ready for a fumbling show. We ask for their aid and they explain that there are planks available. Vec constructs a bridge. He uses a mechanical gizmo on his arm to force open the heavy doors.

Inside the first room, the war wagon and some of the enemies have regenerated. We find muddy boot prints of a raiding party that went down the left large stairs (not the first set in the SW corner).

MacColl goes out to talk to Blitzhame, the dwarf, who is reluctant to say anything about the other raiders. Five gold orbs gets him to admit they are orcs. MacColl rejoins the group.

We tromp down a dozen flights of the stairs before passing through a secret door into a small cell. The cell door is open letting us into a hallway of cells and piles of stolen caravan merchandise. (Huzzah!) Vec finds a misplaced candelabra (40gp).

There are double doors to the west and we hide our lights to peek through. (Tanner greased the hinges).

We sneak into a kitchen and surprise some orcs and an ogre in the next room. Vec wades in blasting with his fire-maker, killing 3 orcs. Others can’t get up to support him and the orcs begin to swarm him.

“Looks like my ploy of luring them into flamethrower range may work!” – Vec the Tinker
“You’re a tactical genius” – MacColl

MacColl shakes the ogre with bolts of firey light. The ogre recovers and hurls a table at Vec, barely missing him as the table breaks into several pieces against the wall. Dominic comes in and kills the ogre. Our stalwart allies Lorsan, LeeLee, and Dominic press the attack and even run down the last orc to capture him.


GM: “Roll for Stealth”
(bad rolls)
GM: “Crash! Vec knocks over a stack of plates and MacColl bumped his head on some hanging pots lining up his shot.”
MacColl: “Feh! Surprise is for pussies.”


Use orange halo on characters with light source. We have to track this.
Planks to get across the pit.
Ask/bribe the dwarves for any info on others in the Tower ahead of us.
Skirt the skeletons in the main room.

Need to identify loot in the kitchen/mess hall



  • Candelabra plus general coin loot: 300 gold
  • Potion, 500 gold value
  • Total value is 187 gold orbs per share (reflecting Extras, Dwarven Tax, and Potion – there are 3.75 shares, extras take theirs in cash unless you say otherwise).

Note that this point, Vec, Tanner, and MacColl owe 855 gold in total to the Extras. A big chunk is for the Festivus Pole (5000 gold orb value and you had two 2 extras) from the Xmas event (bill has come due) a modest amount for 3 extras in this adventure. You can run a modest debt in cash since I anticipate you might not have it when you acquire a magic it


Tanner found a potion under a loose flagstone. Back in Whoville, he found an odd little alchemist that identified it as a Potion of Fly (pace 6). Cost: 5 gold


Nice write-up. The session seemed heavily influenced by frequent bad rolls for both the players and GM, with good plans fizzling and poor tactics succeeding.

Will we be addressing the questioning and disposition of the captured orc in-session or out-of-session?

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