Olde Skoole

A First Time for Everything

New partners, New adventures

PCs: Liam MacMichael, Lunk, MacColl, Ricben, Tanner
Extras: 0

MacColl stood there in the crypt after the last abomination had been smashed into inert shards of bone. He felt the vibrancy that came from danger and melee and also the drain of using so much magic so quickly. He was still strong to be sure, but it had been a few months.

It had all started when Tanner led them out of the city on a wild goose chase for someone’s lost sword. That had produced two weeks of trekking over barren moors and roadway villages. Their pockets had gotten conspicuously lighter over that time so when the entrance to a forgotten tomb was discovered, they were all pleased. (The dead had no need of jewels or wealth so MacColl had no qualms about putting that wealth into his pockets.)

The tomb had not been entered in centuries, that was clear from the dust, roots, and webs of long-dead spiders. Gar and Lunk bravely (or foolishly) pushed ahead down the stairs in the darkness. MacColl lit his torch and followed with Tanner and Ricben.

The chamber at the bottom of the stairs had a faint green glow. MacColl wove his fingers in the air and sent motes of light out around the pool to discern what magic might be afoot. Detecting nothing, MacColl confidently walked up to the pool and stuck his hand in the water. Unfortunately, the water felt strangely solid and he was surprised when it reached out to grab him and drag him into the pool with a blurp. After a moment there was a flash of bright light from MacColl’s hand and the creature split and began to disintegrate.

On the far side of the pool, another creature rose up. Lunk leapt at it wildly, landing in the pool itself, making the creature squirm in fear. Gar roars and swings his axe at the creature but misses, hitting Lunk. Lunk yells at Gar and swings his axe back at Lunk. Luckily the hot-headed half-orcs didn’t do any permanent damage to each other. It seemed to be part of their blood to rage easily and express their disquiet with arms.

The creature is quickly slain and Lunk and MacColl get out of the pool. Further examination of the water reveals the magics of alteration at work, but nothing more. Ricben foolishly moves forward and takes a drink from the pool. After a series of “Gurk!” and “Ack!”, he was still alive but he looked smaller and his face was more gaunt. The rest of the party decided to forgo the “opportunity” although MacColl took two vials for further study.

The only exit from the room appeared to be tunnel secured by a porticullis. Tanner moves forward to examine the bars and see what locks there might be. A moment too late, he realized that the bars didn’t really look right, but by that time, the mimic had revealed itself and attempted to grab him. Ricben quickly casts a gout of fire on the creature, killing it with a high-pitched squeal of its death throes.

Tanner gathered himself and let Lunk and Gar lead the way. Down the passage and a narrow stairway, they discovered the gloomy tomb with several sarcophagi on the floor and in niches on the wall. The group spread out quietly, hearing scrabbling in the dark and seeing that the sarcophagi had been disturbed at some time.

Proving that we are nothing if not a direct group, Lunk pushed the top of a sarcophagus off releasing the undead!!! In moments, skeletons from across the room rose out of the crypts to kill us all!

MacColl escaped the grasp of one skeleton which burst out behind him. Annoyed he lit every single bone with another blast of light which shook it and shattered it. He backed up looking where his magic would best be used. Lunk and Gar rushed to the front, smashing skeletons left and right, while Ricben laid out blasts of fire and Tanner dodged about killing what he could.

It was really over in moments and the day was won. The gold coins slithering through their greedy hands was the reward…


Total: 600 = 500 gold plus 100 gold tome
Post-Dwarven Tax: 600 (tax n/a)
Shares: 5 (0 Extras)
Value per Share: 120

A First Time for Everything
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