Olde Skoole Gaming

Olde Skoole gaming means different things to different people. In my mind, there are a number of aspects that come into play.

  1. Tends to be a dungeon crawl.
  2. At times, the adventure is a challenge to the Player as well as to the character.
  3. The focus is more on the action and accomplishment and lighter on the plot.

Sure, dungeons are old fashion, but I believe the second aspect is a key reason that dungeons are involved. Cities, wilderness, and plot-heavy adventures are more a challenge to the PC vs. the player in order to keep versimiltude. On top of that, the Plot is seasoning and not the main course. You mix all that together, that is Olde Skoole Gaming (ie – its chili, not a fancy meal).

So roll up a stack of PCs and lets get to it!

And some music for the mood…


A quote from a guy that used to game with EGG:
Since you asked…

Gary ran a weekly game. His total player pool was about 12 to 15. Usually, only about 2 to 5 of us could make it any given game day. So, everybody acquired henchmen to “fill out the group” if somebody wasn’t going to be there. And it didn’t take long for players to start arranging other times and playing alone or with henchmen. Heck, it even reached the point where from time to time we’d just play our henchmen to level them up. And yes, the original D&D assumed an endgame where you would build your stronghold, acquire vassals and tenants, and become A Major Player In The World’s Politics.

Olde Skoole

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