I first floated this idea in my Cthulu campaign. This campaign introduces the concept of players sponsoring other players to come into the game. They make the recommendation for an new player and they have a lingering responsibility to keep that player active. I am not sure it will work, but I like the idea that player1 will think hard about inviting player2 if in the long run he does not think player2 will stick it out. He has to harrass the player, not the DM (the DM is just responsible for any core players he invites). It creates a club/ownership concept that might up the dedication.

To make it work in this game, the only Wildcards are the PCs. The original player then decides if he wants to just run his PC with some extras or does he go get other players to fill out the resources of the party. Thus, the player can either rely on his own skill or see broaden the team’s capabilities by getting other players involved.

Right now, we are starting with one player, maybe two. In general, I am not adjusting the difficulty in any direction other than up (ie, if there suddenly are 8 players and they recruit extras, I’m bringing down the hammer!).

Very important – if a player does not make the session, no PC! I am not that worried about continuity. You are in Castle Greyhawk, which is reknown for random teleport traps!


The system below is in development. Basically, getting extras requires recruitment. You have to get them and negotiate their shares (partical shares) of the loot. I want to balance success and failure in the equation. If a PC has a couple of successful delves (gets into and out of CG with loot), then more will join at a better rate. If the PC is the only one that ever comes back…, well, extras becomes scarce.

Below is the preliminary mechanism, subject to revision.

Number of Extras Recruited

A Persuasion Check, modified by Glory

Glory is circumstance bonus to Charisma. It is equal to +1 for each successful delve (return with Phat L00t, offset by 1/2 for each Extra killed on the last delve. Note this bonus resets to zero if two failed delves in a row. If the Extra’s survivors do not receive the promised loot, the penalty is -1.

Result Extras
Botch Must delve alone
Fail roll again, must pay 1 step better or 1 less extra
Success 4 + Chr Mod
Raise 6 + Chr Mod

Negotiating with Extras

A Persuasion Check

Result Shares
Botch 1/2, one less Extra
Fail 1/2
Success 1/3
Raise 1/4

The recruiter can always take less than indicated in the first table.

Multiple Wilds Recruiting

They can either recruit separately (and that may result in some infighting if shares are not the same), cooperatively, or just one recruits (say one has a bad Chr mod).


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