Greyhawk Coinage

Coins of the Realm

  • Platinum plate
  • Gold orb
  • Electrum lucky (discontinued)
  • Silver noble
  • Copper common
  • Bronze zee (discontinued)
  • Brass bit (discontinued)
  • Iron drab (discontinued)


A guide to getting better gear. For general items from the SW:EX, those are easily obtained int the River Quarter (I need to complete and add all the shops). For magic, there will be several places that the PCs can get new gear. A example is Haulds Apothecary. In that shop, I will list some common mechandise that PCs can purchase. There will also be “specials” that I will randomly determine and put on sale for a few (Real Life) days.

So how does my PC purchase this stuff? When do they get to use it?

You can purchase anytime. You can use the forums or send me email in to my Gmail accounting or in the Obsidan Portal. If the PCs are in the city, then the item is immediately available. If the PCs are out of the city, then you can get the item but not use it – basically you told the shopkeeper to keep an eye for for such an item and you have it on layway.

One could even keep an eye on the split of the loot and take their share while in the dungeon and “buy” an item, but they will not have access to the item until they get back to Greyhawk.

Why are the specials “real time”?

An experiment. I want to get people used to looking at the site.

How do I sell loot?

Still under consideration. Magic items and big, “illiquid” assets sell at 50% value if you want cash now. I am considering an auction house concept as well. If the player is willing to wait, they can get a better price on their illiquid asset. I would do this real time in some way.

Preliminary thoughts:

Player contacts the GM with the intent to sell an item worth $2,000. You can set your asking price. If that price is met over the course of the auction, then the auction ends there. 10% cut to the House. You can set this price over the item worth if you like. If you do not get your strike price, the auction ends with either the highest bid or no sale (the player can reject the low bid, say if it came in at $500). Regardless, there is a 10% fee. You can also put up an item for auction with no strike price.

I will put together an algorith to model this. I might structure it as a Chase, but we will see.

I may also throw out an occasional auction that the players can participate in (ie, the algorith will create other market bidders for an interesting item).

Again, this is to encourage traffic on the site.

Greyhawk Coinage

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