Calendar and Holidays

The calendar used by most residents of the City of Greyhawk (and throughout the Flanaess) features weeks of seven days, each day dedicated to work, worship, or rest. They are:

  • Starday—Work
  • Sunday—Work
  • Moonday—Work
  • Godsday—Worship
  • Waterday—Work
  • Earthday—Work
  • Freeday—Rest

The annual calendar (or Dozenmonth, as it is sometimes called) is composed of twelve 28-day months interspersed with four seven-day festivals. They are:

  • Needfest (winter festival): This frigid seven-day period marks the transition from one calendar year to another, and it is usually accounted as the start of the new year. In many areas in the central Flanaess, the week is spent feasting, drinking, dancing, gift-giving, putting up lights and decorations, and in revelry. Many religions celebrate midwinter with good deeds, charity, or observations of the sky. Various civic government functions take place during this time, as well. The evening of Needfest Godsday is also known as Midwinter Night. In the City of Greyhawk, the height of the midwinter celebration is Needfest 7th (a Freeday), known as the Feast of Fools. Madness reigns for precisely seven hours under the leadership of The Fool, the most talented bard or jester in the city.
  • Fireseek—Winter
  • Readying—Spring
  • Coldeven—Spring
  • Growfest (spring festival): In Greyhawk, Growfest is not taken as a week-long public holiday, though it is regarded as a time of good cheer with the full arrival of spring. The weather is usually blustery, with cool sunny days alternating with heavy rain. Farmers, herders, longshoremen and other workers prepare for the upcoming busy summer, and merchant activity is high. Growfest 4th, Godsday, is St. Cuthbert’s Day, the largest annual festival celebrated by those of that faith. In the City of Greyhawk, the highlight of Growfest for the rest of the populace comes on Freeday evening, Growfest 7th. This event is the Desportium of Magick, a contest between illusionists who seek to cast the most magnificent display of illusion/phantasm magic on an established theme, that of a historical attack by monsters and humanoids on the Grand Citadel.
  • Planting—Low Summer
  • Flocktime—Low Summer
  • Wealsun—Low Summer
  • Richfest (midsummer festival): The hot, breezy week of Richfest is not kept as a public holiday in Greyhawk. Midsummer Day (Richfest 4th) is the only real celebration, when the city takes off to celebrate the height of summer and give thanks to the appropriate gods for any good fortune they’ve had. Midsummer Day is called the Holy Day of Pelor. Pelor – master of the sun, light, and healing – is beloved of many of Greyhawks populace, and this day sees the largest religious festival held in the Free City in Pelor’s honor. The evening of Riclifest 4th is Midsummer Night. Both moons are full, and at midnight Celene eclipses Luna. This is a portentous evening, sacred to many religions, and sometimes astronomical phenomena are seen that hint at future events, good and ill. This is the best night of all for druids to collect mistletoe, but it is also the night on which the greatest number of werewolves are out, as the combined effect of the two moons makes it nearly impossible for lycanthropes to avoid were‑change.
  • Reaping—High Summer
  • Goodmonth—High Summer
  • Harvester—High Summer
  • Brewfest (autumn festival): Only the first and last days of Brewfest (Starday and Freeday) are public holidays in the City of Greyhawk, meaning that no one can be coerced to work, and public revelry is encouraged by the government. However, many citizens take this faIl celebration of the last harvest completely to heart, and public intoxication is common. The city takes on a circus atmosphere, and the streets are filled with actors, jugglers, acrobats, animal and monster trainers (with their best “pets”), and grinning adventurers showing off their latest trophies. The festival is celebrated throughout the central Flanaess.
  • Patchwall—Autumn
  • Ready’reat—Autumn
  • Sunsebb—Winter

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569 Battle of Emridy Meadows
591 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
597 Current Year

Calendar and Holidays

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